3 Functional Considerations To Keep In Mind When Planning For Your New Shower

If you are in the process of designing your new bathroom, make sure that you take into consideration the functional limitations and requirements when choosing where to install your new shower and how you want it to look.

#1 The Shape Of Your Shower

First, you need to think about the shape of your shower. Most material for showers is built with the idea that the shower will be either square or rectangular. If you are dreaming about a circular-shaped shower that is enclosed with shower doors, be sure to budget in the cost of custom-designed shower doors and hardware, as you are going to have a hard time finding doors and hardware that don't fit the square or rectangular building shape.

#2 How Your Shower Is Enclosed

Second, you need to think carefully about how your shower is enclosed. If you choose to put a curb on your shower, that will help ensure that water doesn't overflow from your shower into your bathroom. It will also allow water to pool up a little bit inside of the bottom of your shower if you wish.

However, keep in mind that a curb can make it more difficult for someone with a disability or mobility issues to use your shower, as they will need to step up over the curb to access the shower.

If accessibility is key, you may want to go with a shower that doesn't have a curb. However, if you forgo the curb, make sure that you make the floor sloped enough so that water from the shower runs into the drain and not out onto your bathroom floor.

#3 The Location Of Your Shower Head

Finally, think about where you want your shower head. For example, if you on the shorter side, and this shower is meant for you and not for guests, you can lower the shower head. Or, if you are really tall, you can put the shower head up higher so you have more space between the shower head and your head.

You also don't have to go for the normal against-the-wall setup. You can install an overhead shower head so that the water is really pouring down on you like a waterfall. Or you can install two shower heads if you like to take a shower with your spouse or you just like the effect of having water coming from more than one source.

You can also have one overhead shower head and one moveable shower head that allows you to wash more easily while sitting down.

As you plan your dream bathroom, keep in mind how shower door material is crafted when determining the shape, and think about your own comfort and use levels when deciding if you need a curb on your shower and where the shower head is located. For more information on your options for shower doors, contact a company like Park Glass Inc.