Temporary Fixes For A Broken Window During The Winter

If you have a window pane that is cracked, it is recommended that you have the window repaired as soon as possible because the window will eventually break. However, while you are waiting for someone to repair or replace your window, you will need to do something during the winter to keep heat from escaping. Fortunately, it isn't difficult to cover your window and the materials needed are likely already in your home.

Take Photographs

Make sure to take photos of the damaged window before making repairs. The photographs will be essential when making a homeowner's insurance claim. It will also be necessary to have photographs if someone damaged your window and you would like to seek a settlement. 

Taping Over The Window

Before you begin repairing the damaged window, you will need to put on a pair of work gloves that can protect you from the broken glass shards. This will help you avoid getting cut and will allow you to work more freely. You will need to determine if the glass is sturdy so you can then determine how to move forward. Apply tape on both sides of the broken pane. Smooth out air bubbles by rubbing the tape with your fingernail. Then, you will need to look for any small holes found throughout the glass. Carefully remove any loose shards. Then, use clear nail polish to patch the holes. Allow the nail polish to dry after each coat.

Covering The Window With Plastic Or Wooden Boards

Depending on how large the hole is, you may not be able to tape over it. Instead, you will need to cover it with plastic or a good trash bag. The plastic can be held in place with tape. A staple gun may be needed to staple the plastic to the window frame if there is not enough glass to attach the plastic to or if you do not believe that the plastic would otherwise remain in place. Also, if you are concerned about intruders, you could nail wooden boards over your windows. Nailing boards to the windows is best handled by two people. Place plywood over the window and then drill studs through the plywood. 

Even after the window has received temporary repairs, it will not be very sturdy, so it is important that you have the window repaired as early as possible. This will also make your home less of a target for burglars. For more information, visit sites like http://unitedglassaurora.com/.