4 Ways Glass Can Make Your Home More Attractive To Sellers

One of the most effective strategies for increasing your home's resale value and/or getting it to sell more quickly is by remodeling it -- and glass products can be a major player in that process. Here are four kinds of glass installations that can improve your home's value.

1. Bathtub and Shower Enclosures

One of the most effective ways to boost your home's value and aesthetic appeal is by installing glass bathtub enclosures. These elegant structures surround the tub to create a classy modern look. But looks aren't everything -- these enclosures also do a great job of keeping water from leaking onto your bathroom floor, making the smallest room in the house a lot safer for its occupants. Less stray water also means fewer cleanup hassles, another point that your prospective buyers should appreciate.

Glass shower enclosures work on the same principle as glass bathtub enclosures. These glass constructions come in a variety of shapes and designs, allowing you to express your sense of style while adding one more compelling reason for someone to pay top dollar for your home.

2. Pool Fencing

Your bathtub or shower isn't the only part of the home in which water and glass make a great combination. A sparkling pool may attract buyers to your home -- but what about its surroundings? When you really want to show something off, glass is an ideal means of highlighting it; why not invest in glass pool fencing? This fencing consists of large, thick sheets of high-quality glass supported by an unobtrusive steel framework. The result is a luxurious modern look that not only complements the shine and shimmer of the water, but also ensures that the pool is completely visible from the side or rear of the house. The more visible the pool is to the surrounding neighborhood, the higher your property values could climb.

3. Patio Glass Door Repair or Replacement

It's hard to make a good impression with your beautiful patio if the glass door leading to the patio jams. These doors can get cranky due to bent, damaged, or dirty rollers. Even if the rollers just need a good cleaning, however, it's best to call a patio glass door repair specialist to do the work, because maneuvering a heavy glass door off of its track (and then back onto it again) is difficult and potentially dangerous. 

Is your patio door constantly covered in fog? This depressing sight won't close any deals for your home, especially because it indicates that the patio door needs replacing. Normally the sliding doors are equipped with rubber seals that keep air and moisture from getting into the space between them. When these seals give way, damp air builds up between the panes. Attempts to dry this inner space usually don't produce lasting results, so you're better off replacing the patio door altogether.

4. Energy-Efficient Windows

No matter how enticing your home may look, your prospective buyers may balk if your energy bills are way above average. You can make your home more energy efficient by addressing drafts, updating old HVAC equipment, and adding insulation to your attic -- but don't forget to upgrade your window insulation as well. Unfiltered single-pane windows are cheap, but they don't do much to block extreme heat or cold. The money saved by purchasing them will eventually be outweighed by the higher utility bills you (and the home's next owner) will pay, year after year.

Double-pane windows can solve this problem. These windows feature two layers of glass spaced at a slight distance from each other inside the frame. The area between the panes is filled with argon gas, which increases the window's thermal conductivity by about one-third. Low-E glass is another thermal insulation option for your windows. The panes are coated with a thin metallic film that can drastically reduce both UV and thermal energy, while at the same time holding heat inside the house on colder days. Low-E glass can even be used in double-pane window designs.

From classy-looking glass shower enclosures to energy-saving window panes, glass is your friend when it comes to enjoying a better price on a faster sale. Click here for additional reading on using more glass in your home.