Four Seemingly Minor Issues That Can Make Your Car Unsafe To Drive

It's important to diligently maintain your car to ensure that it remains as safe as possible while you're on the road. If left unchecked, even seemingly trivial issues can lead to serious traffic accidents. Keep yourself and your passengers out of harm's way by taking care of these four common issues. Window Cracks Obviously, if your windshield is severely cracked to the point that the damage impairs your vision, you need to have it replaced immediately.

An Overview Of How To Install A Vinyl Shower Enclosure On The Outside Of Your Oceanside Beach House

Swimming in the ocean can be a lot of fun, but invariably, your body is going to get covered with sand and salt while you are swimming. The sand and salt can stick to your body and make you feel uncomfortable. Many beach house owners prefer that family members and guests rinse off outside to keep them from tracking the sand and salt into the cottage. However, rinsing off completely out in the open means that you can't take your bathing suit off to get really clean without exposing yourself to the public.

Car Windshield Cracks: An Easy Guide For Keeping & Replacing Stickers

When the windshield of your car is cracked and needs replacement, one of the losses you may have to deal with is stickers applied to the glass. City waste stations, oil change reminders, and parking stickers to beaches or golf courses are just a few of the applications that you might lose out on. Instead of having to go and replace every sticker, there are ways to save the stickers that you have and apply them to the new windshield once it's installed.