Where To Find Replacement Glass For Your Car Or Truck

When you need to replace the glass in your car or truck, finding the correct glass for the year, make, and model is the first step. It is not always easy to get replacement glass, especially if the car is a classic that is not made anymore or was a limited edition vehicle. Knowing where to look to find your glass is one of the most important parts of the process.

Finding Your Glass In A Salvage Yard

It is pretty common to find replacement glass in a salvage yard. Not all the cars in the yard are there because of accidents, in fact, many go to salvage because of an engine, transmission, or other major driveline failures. Removing the glass from these cars is common and a great way to get the glass at a discounted price. Many yards will remove and catalog the glass when a car comes in so call a few near you to find out if they have the glass you need.

Hire a Glass Shop To Find and Replace your Glass

There are many different glass repair shops that can help you with your glass replacement needs as well. Most of them offer glass and installation services and in many cases, they are available to come to your home or workplace to replace the glass. This is becoming more and more popular with windshield replacement and will save you a lot of time, and maybe a little money if you find the right shop.

New Old Stock

This is probably one of the hardest ways to find your class because there may not be much new old stock left out there for your car. New old stock refers to glass or other parts that were made by the manufacturer as replacement parts for a car. The parts were new and put on a shelf or in a warehouse but never got used for a car. They are new parts but from many years ago. Since they sat around unused, they are old parts in age. If you can find new old stock glass for your classic car or older vehicle, it is like hitting the jackpot. The glass will fit perfectly and meet the specs that the manufacturer originally used for the car. If you do find some new old stock, be ready to pay for it. Because they are rare, these stockpiles carry a high price tag in most cases.

Replacement Glass From The Dealership

If you have a fairly new car, getting replacement glass and having it installed might be as easy as going to the dealership. It is likely this will be one of the more costly ways to get the glass but you do get factory replacement glass and the installation at a dealer by factory-trained service technicians in many cases. If the glass is being repaired under warranty, this may be your only option.