3 Things To Find Out About The Glass When Getting Your Windshield Replaced

When your windshield gets damaged, you are going to want to replace it right away. Here are three things that you need to find out about the glass before you get your windshield replaced to make sure that your new windshield works and looks how you want it to.

#1 Type Of Glass Used

The first thing that you need to find out is what type of glass the company you are talking with uses to replace damaged windshields.

Many glass replacement companies use glass from aftermarket manufactures. These manufactures create glass that are designed to fit specific types of vehicles, such as all small cars made by Ford. These types of windshields are generally made for certain types of vehicles and for certain manufacturers. They are not made for specific vehicles, but for broader categories.

Some glass replacement companies use original equipment manufacturing glass. This type of glass is made by the exact same company that made the glass originally for your vehicle. This glass is made for your specific vehicle type, model and year. It will look exactly like the windshield you have right now on your vehicle, down to having the name of your vehicle's manufacture imprinted on your windshield.

#2 Shade Band

The second thing that you'll want to find out about is the shade band. Some windshields have a shade band that runs across the top of the window. The shade band is usually a couple of inches thick; it is usually not that wide. The purpose of the shade band is to help keep the sun out of your eyes when you are driving and reduce glare on the windshield as you drive.

If you have aftermarket glass installed, you'll want to make sure that you request the type of shade band that you are interested in getting for your vehicle. If you get original equipment glass, it should come with the same shade band that is on your current windshield. 

#3 Trim Molding

Finally, the third element of the glass that you are going to want to inquire about is the trim molding on the vehicle. When a new windshield is installed on your vehicle, trim molding will be placed around the windshield. Just like with the glass, there are two general types of trim molding: universal trim molding and vehicle specific trim molding.

Universal or aftermarket trim molding is just general molding that works with most vehicle types and should help keep your windshield in place and give the front of your vehicle a cohesive look. Vehicle specific, or original equipment manufacturing molding, is made for your specific vehicle. Different manufactures make their molding slightly different, which results in a different visual look to the front of your vehicle.

If you want your vehicle's windshield to look exactly like how it does right now, you'll want to go with original equipment manufacture glass and trim. If you don't mind if your windshield looks a little different, and you want to save a little money, you should go with aftermarket windshield and trim. For more information, contact companies like Gordon's Glass Co.