How To Decorate An Elegant Entrance In Your Home

Have you ever considered the importance of first impressions? For example, you could probably kick yourself for the time that you ran to the store without makeup and in your hair curlers only to have a friend introduce you to someone new. Just as your appearance says a lot about you, the entrance to your home can tell about the rest of your house. If you have decided to create an elegant mood in your entry way, from choosing the wall paper to having special glass installed, here are some ideas that might help:

Establish The Mood - Are you going with a traditional feeling, an old-fashioned one, or a contemporary one? You might even combine different styles of decorating to obtain the elegant look you want:

  • For a traditional, feeling think about having a mahogany table and a chair or two in the entry way. For an old-fashioned feeling, wicker furniture would be perfect. And, if you're going with a contemporary feeling, choose metal for the furniture pieces. If you're wanting to combine styles, Think about using art work to bring versatility to the room.
  • For example, a painting placed in a bold gold frame will add the traditional look you want. For a modern feeling, a city scene painting would be great. And, for the old fashioned touch you seek, consider prints that depict children in old-fashioned clothing.
  • Don't forget lighting which can play a big part in setting a mood. Elegant lamps on an entry table are one way to do that.

Some Big Changes - As you plan the design of your entry way, think of major things you can do to give it elegance:

  • Think of doing something unique with your walls. For example, consider faux painting them to give them the appearance of Italian marble. Another idea is to have gold or silver touches in wall paper.
  • For true elegance, consider having a glass installation service that will change the look of windows in your entry way. Choose a Tiffany glass design for extra drama. The service might have patterns at the workplace, or they will install whichever glass you select somewhere else.
  • A trained worker will come to your home to assess what you want to do and to take exact measurements so that the glass will fit perfectly.

Look for unique decorative pieces at places like estate sales, antique stores and gift shops. Contact a company like Hoosier Glass for more information and assistance.