Basic Residential Window Care Guidelines

The windows of a home are a part of the structure that will sustain a surprising amount of wear and tear. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to become informed when it concerns the various types of steps you can take for protecting your home's windows.

Install Safety Glass On Sides Of The House Facing Golf Courses

For homes that are located near golf courses, the threat of stray balls striking and breaking the windows can be a constant hazard. Unfortunately, homeowners often fail to consider this threat when it comes to their windows. If you are to protect your home against this source of broken windows, you should consider opting for safety glass. This type of glass will be extremely resistant to breaking, which can help to reduce the damage from golf balls hitting it. Also, when the glass suffers a blow strong enough to break it, this type of glass will not shatter into dangerously sharp shards.

Look For Signs Of Leaking Around The Window Frames

Periodically, you will need to check around the interior frames of your windows. Leaking can be a problem that many older window frames will be prone to developing. When a leak in the window frame develops, it will often be extremely gradual, and this can make it difficult to notice at first. If you are to find this type of damage before it is able to cause major rot or mold problems, you will need to regularly inspect the area around each of your windows. During this inspection, look for signs of water stains, old or foul smells as these could all indicate that water is leaking through. Ideally, these inspections should be done soon after it rains, but it may still be possible to notice these warning signs when it has not rained in many days.

Protect Wood Window Frames Against Rot And Insects

The exterior of the window frames can be exposed to extreme weather conditions. These conditions can contribute to wood window frames rotting. To protect the exterior of your window frames against rot, you should coat the with a waterproof sealant or all-weather paint.

Unfortunately, rot is not the only problem that the exterior portions of your window frames can experience as there are many different types of insects that will target your wood window frames. Spraying the exterior of the windows with pesticides each month can be the only way of preventing these insects from causing major damage to the exterior of the windows. Companies like Becky's  Glass Works can help with your window needs.