3 Energy Improvements For Businesses That Require No Down Time

If you want to reduce the operating costs of your business, energy-efficient improvements can be a great investment. The problem with doing energy improvements is that they often require major renovations that require your business to be closed while work is being done. To avoid losing customers and having your business closed, consider improvements like window films to make your business more efficient:

1. Energy Audits and Mechanical Upgrades for Energy Efficiency

There are many areas of your business where energy can be lost, such as mechanical systems like HVAC or refrigeration systems. The mechanical systems of your business can easily be updated with energy-efficient upgrades, such as integrating solar energy or replacing outdated AC units. Have an energy audit done of your business to find out where your business is losing energy, and updates can be done to bring your business up to date. Some of the energy improvements that you may want to consider for mechanical systems include replacing outdated HVAC systems, refrigeration systems, and lighting of your business.

2. Installing Automated Systems to Reduce Energy Loss and Waste

There are many areas of your business where resources may get wasted frequently. The bathroom is a good example of this, where lights often get left on and the water is often wasted at faucets. Automating these areas is a great way to ensure that the energy is not wasted in your business. In addition to the bathrooms, automated features can also be added, like lighting for walk-in refrigerators or freezers and in other areas.

3. Window Improvements and Glass Tints to Reduce Energy Loss

The glass of your business is an area where a lot of energy gets lost. Windows can cause heat gain and loss, which can easily be improved with commercial glass tinting. In addition, the installation of tinted window films will also help prevent damage to interior finishes and furniture that can be damaged due to exposure to UV radiation from sunlight. In addition to tinting the glass of your business, you may want to consider other improvements for the windows, such as installing awnings that help protect openings from sunlight and outdoor weather conditions. For more ideas, contact a company like American  Glass Tint Inc.

These are some of the energy improvements that you can do to your business without closing for renovations. If you are ready to start reducing your energy costs, start by contacting a commercial window film contractor to improve the glass in your business.