Reasons to Ditch Your Shower Curtain

Shower curtains have been the standard in many bathrooms in America. This is due to their low cost and ready availability. Additionally, the fact that shower curtains come in many patterns, some that you can even make yourself, enables you to add a bit of character to your bathroom.

However, thanks to everything that's happening as far as glass in concerned, it's probably the right time to ditch the curtains and upgrade. Replacing shower curtains with glass shower doors can change a lot about your bathroom.

Glass Looks and Feel More Luxurious

One of the main drawbacks of shower curtains is that, although they come in many designs and you can even get one custom made to showcase your personality, they always feel a little cheap. Regardless of how good they look, a shower curtain is simply a material that is hung there and it even sounds cheap when it's struck by water from the shower.

Glass, on the other hand, looks luxurious without having to try too hard. With glass, you get clean lines and a streamlined look that makes the shower look sleeker. If you can afford it, you can even go for glass with custom patterns. How is that for luxurious?

Glass Creates the Illusion of Space

Shower curtains are usually more opaque than they are transparent. Therefore, the moment you close one to take a shower, it can feel like you're in a small enclosed space. The rest of the bathroom also looks quite small whenever the shower curtain is closed.

On the other hand, glass doesn't feel the same. In fact, if you go for glass that's completely transparent, it seems to completely open up your bathroom. You can enjoy your shower without worrying about feeling claustrophobic, and your bathroom won't seem smaller from outside the shower.

Glass Enhances the Look of Other Features

Showers only form one part of the bathroom. Your bathroom may have a variety of other features including a tub, toilet, sink etc. When you're thinking about elements that can tie in the look of all these features plus the walls and floors, shower curtains are rarely the ideal answer.

Glass is much better at accentuating the beauty of other features. Whether the glass is transparent, translucent or colored, it has better clarity, a cleaner look, and the colors are also sharper where they are used. This ties the rest of the room together.

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