4 Reasons To Call A Residential Glass Company

Your windows allow sunlight and cool breezes into your house while also sheltering you from the elements. Unfortunately, windows are susceptible to certain types of damage. Here are four reasons why you should call your local glass service at once.

1. Your windows are broken.

Glass is an inherently fragile material, and it can be broken by many things. A stray baseball can easily take out a window, as can a burglar seeking entry into your house. When your windows are broken, immediate replacement should be your first priority. A broken window allows animals, dirt, and even criminals access to your house. Call your residential glass company as soon as possible. They can send a repairman to your location to take the appropriate measurements and install new windows in your old window frames.

2. Your windows are cracked.

Sometimes window damage isn't immediate and complete. If something impacts your window, you may only notice a crack at first. While a crack might seem negligible, it represents a weak point in the glass. Windows that are already cracked or chipped can shatter at the slightest provocation, injuring pets or family members. If you catch a cracked window early, you may not need to replace it. A residential glass company can send a serviceman to fill the crack with a resin epoxy blend. This will hide the crack and fortify your window against additional damage.

3. Your windows are not insulated.

Homes lose a significant amount of heat through their windows. Windows that aren't insulated leech heat in the wintertime and can contribute to higher utility bills. Make an investment in energy efficiency by replacing your old windows with an insulated variety. Insulated windows are made from two or more planes of glass layered together. Between the layers, gas is injected in order to trap heat. Ask your residential glass company for insulated windows. They'll be able to remove your old single layer windows and replace them with thicker ones.

4. Your house is being renovated.

If you decide to add another room to your house, you'll need to outfit it with windows. Residential glass services offer repair work, but sometimes that's not all they do. They can also install brand-new windows in any room of your house, old or new. Get the newest addition to your house started right by hiring a reputable residential glass company to take care of your window installations. 

For more information, contact a residential glass company.